Fellow Recyclers,

Over the past few months I have given a great deal of consideration to designing a new educational format for the “IT” Event. I have consulted with numerous auto recyclers and the sum of the conversations adds up to one thing. Many of the seminars that have been attended don't address the real needs of the recyclers.

With the help of others, I have developed a format that will be called “Idea Exchange Sessions”. This exciting new format recognizes that most of our education comes from fellow recyclers who "have been there and done that” and are willing to share their experiences. A common thread that runs through most successful recyclers is that they have visited and consulted with many fellow recyclers over the years and learned from their successes and failures.

This year at “IT”, we won't have to wait until happy hour for this educational process to begin. Our “Idea Exchange Sessions" will be 90 minutes long and we have four sessions scheduled. These sessions will be moderated by successful recyclers who are willing to share the secrets of their success with their fellow recyclers. In calling these “Exchange Sessions”, this means we want to hear from everyone and we encourage audience participation. Our hope is that you will return home with ideas that can be implemented at your operation to increase your profitability, benefit your business, your employees and you.

Please take a moment to think about what has worked for you. Bring your successes and failures to this weekend event and share them with us. I think it is very important that we also hear from the next generation. I can bear witness to the fact that we need to listen to our children. In one of his sessions, Dr. Tom Rogers will address this subject. We need to change with the times. My business would not be here today if I hadn't made changes along the way.

Please join us at “IT” to be a part of this exciting new format. We will have a great time learning from one another. My guarantee… If you don't benefit from these sessions, I will refund your registration fee...no questions asked. We look forward to seeing you at “IT”.


Bill Weaver


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